An absolute joy working alongside talented and skilled board members and dedicated volunteers. Together, we are successfully increasing awareness to the importance for a regenerative future.

Skills: Website Design & Development, Storytelling, Marketing Strategies, Digital, Graphic & Logo Design, Social Media Marketing & Monitoring, Fundraiser Campaign Management, Volunteer Recruitment.

Nonprofit & NGO

Maasai Girls Rescue Center
MGRC ecoVillage

2019 – Present
Serve as Skills-Based Volunteer

Summary: Over the past few years, I have had the opportunity to work as a volunteer for the Maasai Girls Rescue Center ecoVillage, a living and learning center for a regenerative future in Tanzania. In this role, I have implemented social marketing and successful fundraising campaigns. I’ve provided visual communications and storytelling to engage local communities and build a coalition of volunteers and donors to support sustainability goals. I’ve designed impactful campaigns, copywriting, and visual communications to express the importance of biodiversity, food sovereignty, and food security for the people living in areas with extreme climate conditions. In 2019, MGRC secured the necessary funds to purchase 15 acres in Karatu to build new facilities that aligned with their mission and sustainable vision – to build a sustainable ecoVillage.

Impact: Through impactful campaigns and visual communications, the Center saw a 84% increase in engagement and a 43% increase in monetary support within a two year period.

About MGRC: Maasai Girls Rescue Center ( is a grassroots, nonprofit organization dedicated to helping disadvantaged, at-risk, and/or orphaned Maasai girls in northern Tanzania. MGRC ecoVillage offers Maasai girls and local community a path to break a debilitating cycle of child mortality, extreme poverty, FGM, and abuses of child marriage. To break the cycle of poverty and oppression, they made it their mission to adopt young at-risk Maasai girls, educate them, and teach them life sustaining skills for the betterment of their community. The new ecoVillage will include living quarters for approximately 120 young girls, a pre-school, vocational training area, dining hall, volunteer living quarters, livestock barns and gardens for sustainable farming.

For the love of the sport.
It was a pleasure working alongside talented and skilled committee members. Together, we successfully upgraded the fleet and increased awareness which enabled the Club to sustain, grow and outreach in the community.

Skills: Website Design & Development, Marketing Strategies, Graphic & Logo Design, Strategic Planning & Program Development, Business Management, Social Media Marketing, Fundraising, Volunteer Recruitment & Management.

About the Club: Western Reserve Rowing Association (WRRA) is a non-profit, volunteer-run organization with over 600 members that provides and promotes adult competitive and recreational rowing for the Northeast Ohio community through quality programming.

WRRA has a working Board, directors are elected by the Club members and president is elected by the Board.

Nonprofit Community Sports Organization

Western Reserve Rowing Association

2017 – 2018
Served as Board & Club President

Vision: To develop inclusive rowing programs for active duty Military personnel, Veterans, wounded/disabled Veterans, and Gold Star adult family members in Northeast Ohio. The programs provide a safe place that fosters growth, camaraderie, and a positive rowing experience.

Impact: In 2018, the first-ever Military and Veterans Rowing Programs in Northeast Ohio were established, including coaching and equipment adaptations for athletes with disabilities.

2013 – 2018
Served as Equipment Director

Role: Lead, mentor, and engage committee members to manage and maintain Club equipment for over 500 members across five programs. Through collaboration, develop a strategic plan and capital budget for equipment acquisitions, create and execute fair equipment usage policies.

Impact: The Club was able to upgrade and turn over a fleet of 32 boats within a 5 year period – an investment of $500,000 in capital equipment – that allowed for a 45% increase in Club memberships.

2013 – 2018
Served as Merchandise Director

Role: Mentor and oversee the creative ideations, marketing strategies, and website redesign to help increase Club visibility through merchandise, sponsorships; to raise brand awareness and WRRA’s inclusive rowing programming at local and regional events.

Impact: Through several new marketing and fundraising initiatives, the Club saw a steady 38%-40% annual increase in merchandise sales, and an 80% increase in monetary donations.