About: Maasai Girls Rescue Center (maasairescue.org) is a grassroots, nonprofit organization dedicated to helping disadvantaged, at-risk, and/or orphaned Maasai girls in northern Tanzania. It offers Maasai girls and their tribe a path to break a debilitating cycle of child mortality, extreme poverty, FGM, and abuses of child marriage.

Project Description: To redesign the website so that it tells the MGRC story, engage local communities, and build a coalition of volunteers and donors. Create user-centric and impactful visual communications that express the importance of sustainability, biodiversity, food sovereignty, and food security for the people living in areas with extreme climate conditions.

Key Results:
Avg. Time on Site (2:23): +19.64%
Bounce Rate: -24.72%
Online Donations: +486.74%

After deploying the new design, organic traffic started increasing with a +30.26% of returning users MOM.

The following summarizes the process and activities that I’ve planned and executed.


Website traffic analysis
Search query analysis
Stakeholders interviews
Competitve research
Keyword research


Insights evaluation


Use cases
Content strategy
Mock ups

Design &

Usability testing
A/B testing
Google Analytics
Usage Analytics
Social Media Analytics

Discover & Define

Research insights indicated that:

  • Information architecture was unclear or confusing
  • Averaging a 78% bounce rate
  • Organic traffic of return users average 7.8% MOM
  • Low engagement and online donations

After analyzing what made users return, what content was not working well and what pages were users navigating to via search and links, I’ve created a design variation to:

  • Clarify what the site was about, storybuilding
  • Maintain key information about mission
  • Eliminate noise and under performing content
  • Organize, structure, and label content in an effective and sustainable way


I compiled all data, objectives, principles, and personas in a Powerpoint presentation, then invited stakeholders to a meeting where I helped them:

  • Create use cases
  • Extract requirements from use cases and noted them
  • Group notes by user tasks
  • Sketch a page structure and prioritized content blocks (mobile first)
  • As a result I created a wireframe of an agreed and feasible solution

Design & Measure

After a design review and few iterations, I built the design on WordPress based on usability testing insights and content strategy. Kept the user in mind throughout the design process, followed UX design principles and incorporated UI elements. In addition, I establish a new social media team that includes content creators, storytellers, and media technicians. I integrate Google analytics and site performance measuring tools.